5 Challenges of Medical Equipment Transport

Finding new, cost-effective ways to transport medical equipment can be a challenge. Some shipments, for example, require special packaging and crating or necessitate extreme care.

Whether you’re searching for a new logistics strategy or simply planning a single shipment, preparation is key. Look out for these common challenges that often occur during medical equipment transport.

1: Your Shipment Is Fragile

New, innovative medical equipment is being designed every single day – much of which is both incredibly expensive and fragile. So how do we ensure a swift, successful delivery? What steps can we take to protect your products?

When you start working with a logistics provider, set yourself up for success by opting to use a specialized shipping strategy. Standard ground freight, for instance, will undoubtedly result in your medical equipment being damaged. Similarly, you should seek out a 3PL that offers air ride, blanket wrap shipping. This shipping service is designed to provide your shipment with the smoothest, safest ride possible.

Shipping insurance is another crucial component of a successful medical transport strategy. Although you will undoubtedly be taking every precaution to protect your shipment, you should still be prepared should any unforeseen problems arise. This is another reason to choose your 3PL carefully!

Many 3PLs rely on their carrier’s coverage, which is often minimal. Not only that, but per pound coverage is simply not enough. Your 3PL should be able to provide you with premium insurance from a reputable insurance company – because that’s what you need when you’re shipping fragile items!

2: It Requires Creative Packaging

How do you package an item that is large, strangely shaped, on wheels, made of glass, and valued at $150,000? Well, put simply: incredibly carefully. In many cases, traditional packaging for medical transport won’t be enough.

At MoveIt, we design creative custom packaging and crating strategies for every customer. In fact, in the last 40 years we’ve shipped almost every shape, size, weight, and kind of material. You’ve probably heard the age-old adage: “where there’s a will, there’s a way;” we truly believe that with the right team, you can make any shipping challenge end in success.

3: You Need Expedited Delivery

So, you’ve packaged your fragile item and it’s ready for a safe journey. Now, you need to get it to its destination – FAST. This can be a challenge, because although blanket wrap shipping is the safest shipping method possible, it’s also a bit slower than some of the other expedited services. Perhaps unsurprisingly, what you gain in safety, you sacrifice in time.

If you need expedited medical transport services, it’s best to find a 3PL that uses two-man teams to speed up efficiency. You can also book a direct journey for your shipment to ensure that it doesn’t make any unnecessary stops along the way.

If you’re shipping internationally, be sure that all of your customs documents are filled out properly so that there aren’t any unnecessary hang-ups at the border. An experienced 3PL can help you navigate these roadblocks seamlessly.

4: First & Final Mile Services

Pickup and drop off is the most challenging part of any shipment. Navigating traffic, stairways, performing proper loading and unloading, coordinating with staff… the list of potential hazards goes on and on. Even so, don’t let these obstacles scare you. With proper coordination and planning, you can tackle first and final mile logistics before they become problematic.

Prior to contacting your logistics provider, take a look at the journey you’ve planned for your shipment. What problems could it encounter? What does your 3PL need to plan for in advance? Perhaps due to its size, your item can’t be unloaded without a loading dock. Does your destination have one? If not, it might be time to think outside the box.

5: Demo Shipping

You have a custom demo shipping program, and you send your product or diagnostic equipment to hospitals and clinics for demonstration purposes. After the demo is complete, the equipment must be repackaged or crated, then cleaned up and redeployed.

Demo shipping has its own unique set up challenges. Your logistics company is an extension of your sales team, which means that the demo must arrive on-time and ready to use. When it’s time to return the equipment it must be shipped safely, and properly cleaned and re-packaged for the next trial or demo.

BONUS - #6: Inside Set Up & Delivery

For many logistics plans, a successful delivery isn’t the end of the road. Medical equipment often needs to be unpacked, set up, and – most importantly – plugged in. When push comes to shove, life-saving items need to be ready at a moment’s notice.

Only a trained, experienced team can be trusted to set up your shipment. At MoveIt, our shipping specialists are taught to follow delivery instructions to the letter.

Do you have specific set up or delivery instructions? No problem. Your driver(s) will be briefed and given a document detailing their role. After all, improper installation of your one-of-a-kind medical equipment could have catastrophic results. Your specifications are the only thing that matters!

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