Asset Recovery

The MoveIt® Companies provide streamlined, cost-effective solutions for those in need of asset recovery. From marketable high value equipment to end-of-life assets, we have flexible transportation and logistics resource solutions to help you manage the complex economies of asset recoveries. Choose the MoveIt® Companies and save money with a proven leader.

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Why Choose MoveIt®?

We have been experts at handling your assets since 1979, and our experience quickly sets us apart from lesser-equipped shippers. In fact, our proven approach was around long before our competition. Our success is related to our knowledge and experience in the industry, and we take special care to ensure the safety of the freight and the budget of the customer. The result? On-time, damage-free shipments and the highest customer loyalty and satisfaction in the business.

Logistics Programs for Shippers of:

  • Excess/obsolete inventories
  • Computer systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Network routers/switches
  • Telecom gear
  • Plant machinery
  • Salvaged goods

Asset Recovery Services

  • Low-cost transportation
  • Shipment preparation
  • Palletizing
  • Blanket wrap solutions
  • Inside pick up and delivery
  • Geographic shipment consolidation
  • Warehousing
  • Detailed online reporting
  • Inventory and condition audits
  • Non-technical deinstallation
  • Daily shipment updates

Problem Solving Through Preparation

We've found that most problems can be avoided by clear and consistent communication. By pre-calling every shipment origin and destination to confirm details and sending shipment confirmations via email, problems are caught before they're able to do any damage. MoveIt® asset recovery specialists are trained to carefully study each shipment, case-by-case, until all potential causes for concern have been addressed. There's no room for error when it comes to logistics program. We prepare for the worst so we can give you the best.

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