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In 1979 D.G. Partridge started Computer Transportation Services, Inc., (MoveIt® Specialized Logistics) moving large mainframe computers for IBM, Honeywell and other manufacturers and leasing companies using blanket wrap, air ride vans. Operating out of a small store front in Breda, IA, Partridge was one of the first in the nation to recognize the role of transportation intermediaries after deregulation, and the very first third-party logistics company to recognize a need for white glove specialized transportation services.

In 1985, recognizing a need for time-critical parts shipments, the air freight division of the company, CTS Air Services Inc. (MoveIt® Freight Solutions) was formed and international services were soon added. Although CTS began as a compliment to blanket wrap trucking, CTS Air Services has grown into a full-fledged 3PL by keeping the same core focus on service, communication and price.

in 1999 a full truckload brokerage, Shipping Source, was formed to accommodate the needs of dedicated and expedited truckloads.

In 2009 Computer Transportation Services, CTS Air Services and Shipping Source were all re-branded as the MoveIt® Companies. Still a family-owned and operated company, Todd Partridge and Elizabeth Partridge Blessington currently manage the companies from their headquarters in Breda. 

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MoveIt® Faster. MoveIt® Easier

  • MoveIt® Freight Solutions is committed to providing Pack and Ship Logistics, Economy Ground Freight, Time Sensitive Air Freight, and International shipping services for shippers around the world.
  • MoveIt® Specialized Logistics is dedicated to providing air ride and blanket wrap logistics for equipment that requires special handling.
  • Shipping Source provides Full Truckload brokerage services as a MoveIt® service partner.

Three Companies, One Team

With just one point of contact, you get the strength and experience of three specialized companies working together. Our goal is to provide our customers with whatever they need to succeed. From simple ground freight and warehousing to reverse logistics and home delivery, we aim to make every aspect of the shipping industry accessible. Your business is our priority, so we go to great lengths to adopt the latest technology while continually expanding our network. You'll be able to seamlessly monitor your warehouse inventory and track your shipments without worrying about damaged goods or return logistics. Being there every step of the way ensures that our customers experience consistent success.

We Research Our Industry to Support Yours

When you ask us to go the extra mile, we hold ourselves accountable. With over 40 years of research, we've spent countless hours studying new and innovative forms of transportation in order to serve our customers more effectively. It takes time to develop trust, create a community and give life to a worldwide network - and we'll continue to put in the hours.

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