MoveIt® Specialized Logistics

Blanket Wrap, White Glove Logistics for Unpackaged Freight

MoveIt® Specialized Logistics is committed to providing air ride, blanket wrap logistics for equipment that requires special handling. Our blanket wrap, padded van services can save time and money by eliminating crating and un-crating costs. When you're shipping a one of a kind item or delicate freight, we have the tools and innovative solutions to ensure that it's delivered safely and without delay. We've spent decades researching specialized transportation, and it's our goal to use our experience and passion to help others discover new ways to restructure their shipping.

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Our Responsibility, Our Passion

When it comes to shipments requiring special handling, we knew that we had to go above and beyond as a logistics company. Putting together creative supply chain solutions for unique items – ones that require padded van service, white glove service, air ride suspension and final mile – is what we’re passionate about.

We Embrace Technology

It has never been easier to conduct business quickly and efficiently online, and we consider ourselves a leader in utilizing the latest technology to speed up the flow of information. With customized TMS (Transportation Management Systems) integration and applications like one-click inventory and instant product tracking, you'll have your shipment at your fingertips.

People Make the Difference

Although we recognize the importance of harnessing the latest technology, we also know that a successful delivery hinges on the happiness and dedication of our employees. We have the most experienced, professional and friendly staff in the business - and we believe that makes all the difference when choosing a logistics provider.

Our Philosophy

Specialized logistics is more than shipping. It's understanding a customer's specific commodity and delivery requirements and assessing the best resources to ship it in a timely, safe and economic way. We are grateful for the many loyal companies that have worked with us throughout the years. From highly visible, well-known companies to one-time shippers, communication before during and after each transaction is key. We pride ourselves on being proactive, recognizing problems before they happen, and providing alternate solutions when things don't go as planner. We stand behind our work.

MoveIt® Specialized Logistics is dedicated to helping you build an unstoppable shipping strategy.


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