Auction Services

Putting together successful business-to-business auction shipping programs requires a solid global network of service providers, an understanding of the buyer/seller relationship, and a proven commitment to the special needs of sellers. Companies like Go Industries and Heritage Global Partners help businesses sell their surplus and outdated equipment and liquidate closed plants, and MoveIt® Specialized Logistics is the preferred auction shipping and logistics company for thousands of online auctions like these every year. 

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It's Yours. Now What?

MoveIt® auction shipping services aren't just for sellers. Let MoveIt® package your auction purchase and ship it anywhere in the world. Auction purchases are often irreplaceable, so we take extra care in packaging, shipping and delivering your purchase as though it were our own. With reliable delivery times and minute-by-minute progress tracking, MoveIt® saves you money by helping you find the most economical way to ship your large and one-of-a-kind auction purchases.

Special Services for E-Commerce/Auction Shippers

  • Packing and crating worldwide
  • Complete shipping options
  • Accurate inventories
  • Custom online reporting
  • Outsourced customer service
  • Personalized web portal
  • Bidder services
  • Comprehensive shipper’s insurance
  • Worldwide representation
  • Auction management site services

Shipping Insurance

Our insurance products are the very best in the industry. We understand the special requirements of auction purchases, so we go to great lengths to ensure that you're covered. 

  • Full replacement coverage for used goods
  • Reimbursement for shipping charges
  • Premium cargo insurance available
  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Prompt settlement

We're Always Available

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We'll care for your shipment from the first mile to the final mile. 

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