Auction Shipping

MoveIt® is your full-service auction shipping provider. With competitive pricing and the best customer service in the business, you can rest easy knowing that your auction items are in good hands. From packing and crating to auction pickup and in-home set up, we’ve got you covered.

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Auction Transportation Logistics

Putting together a successful business-to-business auction shipping program requires a solid global network of service providers. First, you need to find a company with an understanding of the buyer/seller relationship and freight bidding. Then, you need to confirm that they have a proven commitment to the special needs of sellers.

Companies like Go Industries and Heritage Global Partners help businesses sell their surplus and outdated equipment and liquidate closed plants. They, like many other online auction companies, use MoveIt® as their preferred auction shipping and logistics provider for thousands of auctions every year.

International Auction Shipping

Picture this: you have an expensive, fragile auction item that you recently purchased for your business. You need to ship it internationally, and you’re not sure of the best (or safest way) to get it from the seller. In this scenario, proper packaging is crucial.

To make things more complicated, finding a specialized auction courier service can be a challenge. Without trained, two-man teams, there’s a good chance that your item won’t arrive safely. So, what do you do? How do you find a 3PL that knows the ins and outs of auction shipping?

Why Trust MoveIt®?

At MoveIt, we understand the unique requirements of shipping to and from auction houses. Because of our vast, nationwide freight network, we can ship auction items anywhere in the world. Similarly, we pride ourselves on providing buyers and sellers with domestic and international delivery times.

Multiple shipments? No problem. You’ll receive detailed shipping quotes for each individual item, no matter the how fragile or valuable your shipment may be. Not only that, but our custom crating service has been engineered for both security and affordability.

It's Yours. Now What?

MoveIt® auction shipping services aren't just for sellers. Let us package your auction purchase and ship it with patience and care. Auction purchases are often irreplaceable, so we take extra diligence in packaging, shipping, delivering, and even unpacking your purchase as though it were our own.

With reliable delivery times and minute-by-minute progress tracking, MoveIt® saves you money. Let us help you find the most economical way to ship your large and one-of-a-kind auction purchases.

Services for E-Commerce/Auction Shippers

  • Packing and crating worldwide
  • Complete shipping options
  • Accurate inventories
  • Custom online reporting
  • Personalized web portal
  • Bidder services
  • Comprehensive shipper’s insurance
  • Worldwide representation
  • Auction management site services

Shipping Insurance

There's nothing more important than protecting your shipment with top-notch shipping insurance. Our supply chain insurance options are tried and tested in the freight market (for over 40 years) and they’ve proven to be the best in the business. In fact, we have one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry! The team at MoveIt® understands the special requirements of auction purchases, and we go to great lengths to ensure that you're fully covered.

  • Full replacement coverage for used goods
  • Reimbursement for shipping charges
  • Premium cargo insurance available
  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Prompt settlement

We're Always Available

Want to know if you could be saving money by shipping with MoveIt®? Contact one of our specialists today for a free shipping estimate. We'll care for your shipment from the first mile to the final mile.

Make your transactions more profitable and increase your customer satisfaction with MoveIt®.

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