Shipping Source

In 1999, Shipping Source joined the MoveIt® family of companies as provider of full truckload blanket wrap services. Shipping Source is dedicated to providing their customers with smooth, no-nonsense transportation services. Backed by the experience of MoveIt® Freight Solutions and MoveIt® Specialized Logistics, there's nothing that we can't handle. 

It's All About Relationships

Since 1999, Shipping Source has developed and maintained solid relationships with truckload carriers in the niche markets of Blanket Wrap Truckload, Flat Bed and Dry Van. These relationships allow us to make things happen when other companies can't. As a long-time member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) we have the support of 1,600 transportation companies nationwide. We also have customized tools that allow us to quickly search load boards and freight posting websites to find equipment from more than 10,000 daily postings. 

A Family of Coverage

Adding Shipping Source to the MoveIt® family was a logical step in providing our customers with a vast network of reliable transportation - no matter the shipment. Shipping Source has become an integral part of our promise to fulfill complete supply chain capabilities for our customers without sacrificing time, money or accountability. Upholding the same standards and ethical values as MoveIt® Freight Solutions and MoveIt® Specialized Logistics, we're proud to have Shipping Source as an irreplaceable member of the MoveIt® family. 

Service Capabilities:

The Latest Advances in Transportation

Is it time for your business to try something new? It has never been easier to ship with simplicity and predictability. Take advantage of the latest advances in transportation technology with Shipping Source! Backed by a professional, friendly and motivated team, the Shipping Source staff works closely with MoveIt® Specialized Logistics and MoveIt® Freight Solutions to provide a transportation experience that is incredibly seamless. With a focus on customer retention and accessibility, Shipping Source is constantly evolving to serve the modern and ever-changing demands of the shipping industry. Use our online services to track and monitor your shipment 24/7, and never lose sight of a shipment again.

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