LTL/Ground Freight

When you place your Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight in the hands of MoveIt® Freight Solutions, you get more than 40years of freight shipping expertise. We use data from thousands of shipments each year to take the guesswork out of the carrier selection process. Lane by lane and city by city, we use real-time shipment data to select the best rate and safest carrier for your shipment.

LTL/ground freight isn't just about getting your shipment from point A to point B. It's about providing reliable, secure and transparent shipping services that make it possible to move your freight with ease. We'll help you get it there safer, quicker and cheaper. With detailed up-to-the-minute tracking and an emphasis on proper handling and packaging, you'll know that your shipment will arrive just the way you want it to - on time.

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Freight Quotes

Getting reasonable freight quotes – whether it’s for a long-haul shipment or something just across town – can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Before moving forward with a freight company, always ask them for a reference to verify their reputation. Good ground freight companies will happily refer you to another customer.

At MoveIt®, we generally help people save 5% - 10% on shipping. Download our handy LTL inspection Guide to learn how to avoid spending more money than you should on your next shipment.

Choosing a Freight Carrier

When looking for affordable ground freight carriers in North America, it can be a challenge to determine what LTL and truckload services will work best for you and your business. For example, do you need temperature-controlled vans? What about special handling or full truckload (ftl)?

If you’re searching for a freight company that will provide you with reliable ocean freight or air freight services, they need to be fast, experienced, and understand the nuances of freight shipping to/from the United States. Look out for companies that oversell and underdeliver.

Limited Access

Are you getting charged for limited access? Believe it or not, some LTL carriers’ inspection departments will create unnecessary hassle to add additional fees to your LTL shipping bill. By inspecting BOLs and choosing pickup and delivery addresses with limited access, they’re able to add in a “limited access” charge.

Limited access is usually assessed for a location without a standard loading dock or without access for a tractor-trailer semi. In some instances, security delays, personnel delays in tendering the product, mini-storage facilities, medical facilities, and churches and residences will also lead to an additional LTL shipping charge.

If you notice a limited access charge on your bill, contact your 3PL and immediately have them question and audit the LTL carrier.


Untrustworthy freight carriers are also looking for ways to reclassify your equipment to gain revenue through a freight class increase. Remember: classification is determined by value, stowability, handling and density. If you want to avoid reclassification, then you should always:

  • Take a picture of the final packaged product
  • Document the weight
  • Document all three dimensions (including the pallet)
  • Save a copy of the packing slip – common carriers will ask you to provide this when disputing charges
  • Adding anything to the bulk of the product, like cones, should be included in the final dimensions.

Know the NMFC

The National Motor Freight Classification index is a complex and changing guide. Often Freight All Kinds (FAK) rates can save money, or adjusting packing can lower your rates. Your 3PL can help you assign an NMFC number and class to put on the BOL. The more information you provide on the BOL, the more you’ll lessen interest from the respective inspection teams.

Avoid Re-Bills

Right now, the MoveIt® team is seeing an adjustment on around 12-15% of the LTL shipments our customers tender to us. These can add up to several hundred dollars per shipment depending on the re-bill.

Our operations team evaluates each one as it arrives, questioning the carrier and asking them to provide the proper documentation. Because of this, we’re able to eliminate some of the re-bill claims immediately.

Time Definite Services

  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Regional, super regional and coast-to-coast trucking
  • Servicing every point in the U.S.
  • Quicker transit times
  • Time definite/guaranteed services
  • Pallet freight shipping
  • Volume pricing
  • Liftgates
  • Residential delivery
  • Appointments
  • Blind freight billing
  • Comprehensive shipping insurance

Technology Tools

Technology is at the core of everything we do. Our online reporting and tracking capabilities are the best in the industry, and we're constantly working to adapt with the ever-changing demands of LTL. As methods of shipping become faster and more efficient, so does our staff. With an in-house IT staff dedicated to serving customer needs and tracking your shipment, we can adapt our systems to fit yours, instead of requiring you to spend money to change your systems. 

  • Data management
  • Customized reporting

Make LTL Shipping Easier

Are you ready to start making LTL shipping easier with MoveIt®? Contact us for competitive spot pricing, or talk with us about discounted contract shipping. We're prepared to create an LTL shipping plan that matches your shipment, your needs and your budget.

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