A Company Across Generations

When MoveIt® was started as Computer Transportation Services, Ltd. (CTS) by D.G. Partridge in 1979, the company was an opportunity for him to build on his vision of specialized services for a growing high-tech market.

Since 1966, Partridge had been employed with several van lines located in Oklahoma, California, and Milwaukee, finally moving his family back to his roots in Iowa working for Crouse Cartage in Carroll, IA. 

Soon after the de-regulation of the trucking industry and the elimination of pricing regulations set by the federal government, Partridge felt it was the right time to open his own business. He hoped to serve the computer industry, specializing in lining up carriers for customers and streamlining the transportation process. Moving large mainframe computers for IBM, Honeywell, other manufacturers and leasing companies, Partridge soon found that his business was thriving.

The MoveIt® Companies Today

The firm continues the tradition set by D.G. Partridge by continuing to adapt and staying on the leading edge of transportation technologies. It is now managed by Todd Partridge and his sister, Liz Partridge Blessington. As technology has changed, the MoveIt® Companies have adapted to other commodities while still keeping the same core focus. What was once Computer Transportation Services was rebranded as the MoveIt® Companies (consisting of MoveIt® Specialized Logistics, MoveIt® Freight Solutions and Shipping Source) in order to account for large variety of industries now served.

With tradition and experience, this family-owned business is proud to show you why they've become a leader in the transportation industry. Start shipping today! 

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