Environmental Impact

Our Commitment to the Environment

The MoveIt® Companies are dedicated to reducing impact on the natural environment. As our business grows we are constantly looking for ways to contribute to sustainability efforts, like reducing our use of paper, recycling our waste, purchasing hybrid vehicles and working from a low impact structure. We also select partners who share our same ideals whenever possible.

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Solar Power

Installed in 2017, our thin-film solar panels generate enough electricity to completely power our 8000 square foot office building. 

moveit office

Facts About Our Facilities

  • Steel frame on concrete slab, 8000 square feet
  • Completed February 2009
  • Architect: John F. Shaw, AIA, LEED AP, Iowa City, IA
  • Construction Manager: Story Construction, Ames, IA

Recycled Materials

  • Firestone Exterior Steel Siding
  • Aluminum clad composite tiles – recycled milk jug plastic
  • Hon Initiate Workstations - panel fabric 100% recycled
  • Entrance mats – recycled airplane tire rubber
  • Concrete fly ash from coal-fired electric production

Renewable Materials

  • Cabinets made from recycled sunflower hulls
  • Birchwood doors and casework

Energy Savings

Daylight Dimming System by Wattstopper

Adjusts the brightness of lights automatically with outside daylight. Natural day lighting; the building is designed to reduce dependence on artificial illumination and harvest sunlight. Studies indicate naturally day-lit spaces reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and increase happiness! Views to the outdoors provided from each work station and most accessory use areas. We've seen energy Savings of over 30%!

Vinyl Clad Pella Impervia Windows

Low-E insulating glass with argon gas.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Horizontal bore, closed loop system with 9 zones. Water Furnace Envision Heat Pumps. 9 units with 2-6 ton capacity per unit. 300 ft. loops at 15-30 ft.

GreenHeck Energy Recovery Ventilators

Monitors inside and outside air temperatures and exchanges heating and cooling air for optimal energy efficiency.

Super Insulation

2” rigid insulation and 6” Foam - Enhanced insulation at building envelope - exceeds requirements of Model Energy Code

Aluminum Solar Shades and Roof Overhang

Engineered to take advantage of passive solar in the winter months and shade during the summer.

Xlerator High Velocity Hand Dryers

135 degrees, dries in 10-15 seconds.

Gravel Parking Lot

Concrete production involves large amounts of energy use and results in CO2 emissions. Gravel allows water to percolate into the water table, rather than run into the storm sewer.

Water Conservation

Eljer Aqua-Saver Flushmate Toilets - 39 percent reduction in water use compared to standard toilet.

moveit headquarters

Healthy Initiatives

Concrete Floors

Composition of fly ash recovered from coal-fired electric plants. Reduces allergens, is durable and can last many lifetimes in comparison to carpet. Good conductor for passive solar warmth in winter months.

Low VOC Finishes

All stains and finishes are water based.

Hon Initiate Workstations

These low-emitting work surfaces by Nature Core are made from rapidly renewable materials with reduced environmental impact. Fabric is recycled polyester.

Steril Aire Ultraviolet lights

Installed in each heating and cooling duct to kill mold, viruses and bacteria.

Buy Local!

In an effort to reduce transportation resources, all building and office materials are purchased locally whenever possible.

This building is almost double the size of our old workspace and our energy expense (water, electric, etc.) is 1/3 less!