Air Ride Blanket Wrap Trucking

All shipments are not created equal. From flight simulators to furniture, our air ride blanket trucking and blanket wrap shipping services are designed to give you peace of mind. When your shipping project requires the smoothest ride and most careful handling possible, our White Glove Logistics Division will provide you with fast and affordable blanket wrap shipping.

Are you paying for unnecessary packing? Let us perform a cost audit to determine if moving your unpackaged goods via air ride blanket wrap freight trucking is a cost saving alternative.

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What Is Blanket Wrap Trucking?

Although it might sound relatively simple, blanket wrap trucking (also known as pad wrap) is specifically geared to provide extra protection for your valuable shipments. While the term "blanket wrap," may lead you to believe we're carefully wrapping your shipment in fresh linens, we're actually using thick, cushioned moving quilts that are padded to protect your sensitive freight as well as logistics straps to ensure a secure ride.

Air Ride Suspension Vans

  • Liftgates
  • Interior Decking to utilize maximum van space
  • E-track logistics posts and straps for locking your freight in position
  • Special equipment: pads, wheel carts, roll-a-lifts, corner boards, dollies, j-bars, straps, tie-offs, sill plates, walk boards, floor protection

    Inside Pick-Up and Delivery

  • Our premium inside pick-up and delivery service includes a two-man team to conveniently remove or put in place your sensitive or valuable freight.
  • Product placement and unpacking
  • Delivery to room of choice 
  • Debris removal
  • Assembly and installation
  • Staging 
  • Detailed inventory 
  • Delivery sequencing 

    Nationwide Network

  • We have over 500 qualified service partners in the U.S. and Canada
  • Strategically located distribution and stocking locations allow cost-saving logistics deployment

    Flexible Service Options

  • Economical distribution network, saves shipping dollars
  • Direct “no-set-off” routing to ensure the least possible handling of your delicate freight
  • Storage in transit to meet very specific delivery dates

    Don't settle for inexperienced or unreliable blanket wrap carriers. When it comes to blanket wrap shipping companies, you deserve the best. 

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