Blanket Wrap Shipping

All shipping methods are not created equal. Blanket wrap shipping is the safest transportation method for sensitive freight. From flight simulators to fine art, our White Glove Logistics Division has your back with custom, affordable freight services.

Does your item require a smooth ride and careful handling? If so, air ride shipping with MoveIt® is your best option. With one of the lowest claims incident ratios in the industry, our two-man teams have the know-how to handle fragile freight. Delicate goods require a delicate touch.

By and large, if you aren’t using air ride freight services, there’s a good chance you’re paying for unnecessary packing. Let us perform a cost audit to determine if you could be saving money with air ride shipping! We’re experts at finding easy solutions for hard-to-ship items.

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What Is Blanket Wrap Shipping?

Sure – it might sound simple, but blanket wrap shipping (also known as pad wrap) is a systematic shipping style designed to protect your valuable shipments.

Although the term "blanket wrap," may lead you to believe we're carefully wrapping your shipment in fresh linens, we're actually using thick, cushioned moving quilts to protect your sensitive freight. After it’s padded and protected, your shipment is then fastened with logistics straps to ensure a secure ride.

Many carriers focus on using this system to provide shipping services for household goods or furniture. Our specialty, however, lies in our ability to use air ride shipping techniques for b2b shipping, freight, and beyond.

For example, when a customer tells us they need help orchestrating a rollout for a fragile or high-value product, our logistics team employs a fleet of air ride suspension vans to tackle the task. With proper care and packing material to provide extra protection, there’s nothing we can’t deliver safely.

What Is Air Ride Suspension?

With the help of a state-of-the-art suspension system, this trucking service will provide you with the smoothest, safest ride possible. From loading, to transit, to unloading, our truck drivers will ensure that your shipment is treated with care.

Instead of coil springs or leaf springs, air ride suspension uses “air springs,” or pressurized rubber bellows. Every time your shipment hits a corner, an onboard compressor maintains the necessary air pressure to provide it with perfect balance. Similarly, the ride height can be adjusted for optimal ground clearance, making it possible for your shipment to sit higher or lower, depending on your needs.

Air ride suspension isn’t just smooth, it’s incredibly smooth. A driver once left a cup of coffee inside the back of his air ride truck and drove from Indiana to Los Angeles. When he finished his route, the coffee was still sitting there, un-spilled and undisturbed.

So, when planning your next shipment, ask yourself: how important is it that this item arrives safely? Could it easily be damaged during loading and unloading? If you want to ship with confidence, choose specialized shipping.

Air Ride Suspension Vans

  • Liftgates
  • Interior decking (to utilize maximum van space)
  • E-track logistics posts and straps for locking your freight in position
  • Special equipment: pads, wheel carts, roll-a-lifts, corner boards, dollies, j-bars, straps, tie-offs, sill plates, walk boards, floor protection - these all play a key role in safe, reliable shipping

Inside Pick-Up and Delivery

  • Our premium inside pick-up and delivery service includes a two-man team to conveniently remove or put in place your sensitive or valuable freight
  • Product placement and unpacking
  • Delivery to room of choice
  • Debris removal
  • Assembly and installation
  • Staging
  • Detailed inventory
  • Delivery sequencing

Nationwide Network

  • We have over 500 shipping partners in the U.S. and Canada
  • Strategically located distribution and stocking locations allow cost-saving logistics deployment

Flexible Service Options

  • Economical distribution network, saves shipping dollars
  • Direct “no-set-off” routing to ensure the least possible handling of your delicate freight
  • Storage in transit to meet very specific delivery dates

Don't settle for inexperienced or unreliable specialized shipping carriers. When it comes to fragile or valuable shipments, you deserve the best. 

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