Home Delivery

When shipping to a customer's home, communication is paramount. We're able to hand deliver large direct-to-consumer items with reduced wait, precise delivery times and unparalleled customer satisfaction and interaction. A successful home delivery doesn't leave your shipment sitting outside. Whether it's home electronics, furnishings, appliances, fitness equipment or even hot tubs, our staff is prepared to provide your customers with in-home delivery, including unpacking, debris removal, setup and assembly. We'll take care of the mess so your customer can enjoy the rest.

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Return Logistics

When you need transportation for returns, our trained, two-person teams will pick up your merchandise from your customers’ homes. Does the area have limited access? Maybe there are obstacles that create additional challenges for the delivery team, like elevators, stairs, or small entryways? No problem. We have the experience and know-how to navigate any obstacles that come our way.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Nationwide Network

Our deliveries arrive when they're supposed to. Using decades of experience to guide us, we've found a way to design a home delivery program that is convenient, simple, and straightforward, making it easier for us to provide accurate delivery times that account for delivery restrictions and specifications. MoveIt® specialty freight services provide exemplary shipment packaging with customizable appointment setting - it's that easy. Our goal is to remove the annoyances of home delivery and simply ensure that your shipment arrives exactly like you want it: quickly, carefully and on-time.

Home Delivery Services

  • Room of choice delivery
  • Threshold delivery - inside the main entrance
  • Standard delivery - curbside 
  • Unpacking and debris removal
  • Email alerts
  • Call before delivery
  • Faster transit times
  • Online booking and tracking of shipments

We're There from Start to Finish

We always know where your shipment is. In order to fulfill expectations and meet delivery times, efficient shipment monitoring is a must. Some shippers provide loose estimates about where in the world your shipment may be, but we think that our customers deserve a more accurate estimate. Our online booking system allows for the selection of any shipping specifications, while our shipment tracking software is incredibly accurate and updated minute-by-minute.

From inventory management to final mile, our home delivery logistics solutions are designed to bring simplicity to every part of the supply chain.

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