Nationwide Equipment Transportation

The MoveIt® Companies have been providing world-class nationwide equipment transportation since 1979. When it comes to moving heavy equipment or fragile machinery, we have the experience, determination, and skills to provide you with low-cost freight solutions for your growing business.

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Nationwide Equipment Transportation

There are countless nationwide freight carriers. How do you find one that you can trust?

If you’re searching for a new logistics provider, there’s nothing more important than qualifying their abilities and experience before relying on them for nationwide transportation services. Although you can learn a great deal by researching a 3PL online, it’s always important to speak with past and present customers about their opinion of and experience with a potential logistics expert.

For example, if a 3PL is relatively new, you should always perform a deep dive on the company, owner, and origin. In fact, any experienced freight forwarder will be happy to provide you with a list of references. With new logistics specialists popping up every single day (and many going bankrupt at the same rate), it can be dangerous to take a company at face value. Put simply, there’s simply no guarantee that your shipment will arrive safely.

Expert Equipment Haulers

As a family-owned business, The MoveIt® Companies treat every customer the same way we treat our employees: like family. We pride ourselves on operating with kindness, respect, and humility. Above all, we aim to develop long-term, lasting relationships. You aren’t just a number to us, and we work with transparency for every nationwide shipment.

Want to save 5% - 10% on your next heavy equipment delivery service? Download our detailed LTL Inspection Guide to learn how to avoid spending more money than you should on shipping.

Commercial Transport Services

Providing nationwide cargo trucking for commercial shippers is our bread and butter. From flatbed logistics to heavy transport service, our two-person teams take safe shipping to the next level. We’re passionate about evolving as equipment haulers, and consistently adopt new transportation technology to benefit our shippers.

In truth, commercial deliveries often require a little extra creativity and finesse. For instance, final mile challenges like stairways and unexpected traffic can pose a threat. How do you plan for the unknown while maintaining delivery times? What if a customer requires emergency or expedited shipping? With a vast nationwide freight network and instant online tracking, the MoveIt® team knows what it takes to strategize a successful delivery.

When you work with us, you’ll be assigned a shipping strategist who knows you, your business, and your goals. Similarly, our commercial shipping services were designed to be completely customizable. While meeting with you one-on-one to develop new, creative logistics approach, your strategist will help you stick to your budget while protecting your freight.

When you’re looking for nationwide equipment transportation and logistics services that are cost-effective, reliable and on-time, look no further than The MoveIt® Companies.

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