High Tech Shipping

The MoveIt® Companies provide unique & specialized high-tech shipping services for businesses on the cutting edge of technology. Sensitive high tech equipment requires specialized handling and an understanding of the workings of the industry, making it crucial that you choose a reliable company for your specialized shipping service.

MoveIt® Specialized Logistics and MoveIt® Freight Solutions are recognized leaders among companies that ship high tech goods to their customers. From aerospace equipment to time-critical data center relocations, we've worked hard to discover the safest high tech shipping methods for you and your business.

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Our Current Work Includes Shipping Programs for Shippers of:

  • Computers and data processing assets
  • Banking equipment
  • Test and measurement
  • Telecommunications
  • Robotics
  • Flight simulators
  • Semi conductor machinery
  • Aerospace
  • BioPharma
  • Imaging
  • Office equipment
  • Medical equipment

Special Services for High Tech Shippers

  • White glove handling
  • Climate control equipment
  • Rollo lifts
  • Specialized crating and packaging
    • Anti-static packaging materials
    • Reusable crates
    • Foam-in-place inserts
  • Stair crawlers
  • Shipment monitoring
  • Air ride equipment
  • Shipment preparation

We Change with Technology

In the spring of 1979, MoveIt® Companies founder, D.G. Partridge invented high tech shipping with just an idea and a phone. Technology has changed dramatically since then, but the MoveIt® Companies mission has remained the same: to provide the safest, most economical logistics services for shippers of sensitive, high tech equipment.

The ability to adapt and continually look for new opportunities has allowed the MoveIt® Companies to enjoy steady growth, making it easy for us to provide our customers with the latest advances in the high tech transportation industry. We even made a delivery to NASA for a recent space shuttle lift off! High tech shipping is constantly changing, so we're always on the lookout for new ways to help your company run more smoothly.

Are you ready to see how MoveIt® can change your high tech shipping? Contact a logistics specialist today for a free evaluation of your current shipping program! 

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