How to Ship a Vending Machine

Shipping a vending machine can be a complex task due to its size, weight, and all-around delicate nature. Here are some general recommendations that will give you some insight on how to ship a vending machine.

Shipment Preparation

First thing’s first: determine the weight and dimensions of your vending machine. This information is crucial when it comes to selecting the appropriate shipping method and calculating the shipping costs. Be precise! If you’re wondering how much it costs to ship a vending machine, that will completely depend on the size of your machine, your shipping needs, and your shipper.

Next, choose a shipping method. Depending on the size, weight, and destination of the vending machine, you can opt for different shipping methods such as LTL (less than truckload), freight shipping, dedicated truck, and/or specialty equipment movers. Consider factors like cost, transit time, and insurance coverage when making your decision.

If you’re not using a specialty equipment mover, you’ll need to prepare the vending machine for shipping. To protect the vending machine during transit, it’s important to take some preparatory steps. Securely lock the machine and remove and items that might move or cause damage. If possible, detach any fragile or easily removable components and pack them separately.

Packaging and Crating

Proper packaging is essential when it comes to safeguarding the vending machine during transportation. Use sturdy materials like wood crates or heavy-duty cardboard boxes to provide adequate protection. Consider using foam padding, bubble wrap, or other cushioning materials to absorb shocks. Once you’ve properly protected the vending machine, secure the packaging with strong strapping or bands.

Next, you’ll need to label the vending machine. Be sure to clearly label the package with details such as the destination address, return address, and any other relevant information. Additionally, prepare all the necessary shipping documentation, including a bill of lading, commercial invoice, and any customs forms required for international shipping.

Let’s Get Moving

Now that your vending machine is properly packaged and prepped, it’s time to arrange your transportation. Coordinate with a reliable shipping company (like MoveIt!) to arrange transportation. Provide them with accurate details about the vending machine’s dimensions, weight, and any special handling requirements. Most importantly: ensure that the shipping company is experienced in handling large and delicate items like vending machines. Not everyone can handle shipping fragile equipment!

Speaking of which, now is a good time to consider purchasing shipping insurance to protect the vending machine against loss or damage during transit. You can check with the shipping company or your insurance provider for appropriate coverage options.

Once the vending machine is shipped, keep track of its progress. Use any tracking services provided by the shipping company to monitor its location and estimated arrival time. At the same time, stay in touch with the shipping company’s customer service for updates or in case of any issues.

Remember, it’s important to consult with shipping professionals or companies experienced in handling large items to ensure the safe and smooth transportation of your vending machine. That’s what we do best at MoveIt!

Still not sure how to ship a vending machine? Contact the team at MoveIt. After 44 years in business, we know a thing or two about logistics. We’ll provide you with everything I’ve mentioned above and more.

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