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What Is Blanket Wrap Shipping?

Over the last decade we’ve had countless customers reach out to us and ask, “What is blanket wrap shipping?” “Is blanket wrap shipping the safest option for my shipment?”

Although it might not be the most common shipping method, blanket wrap shipping is used by a lot of our customers to transport their hard-to-package items.

The Shipping Process

A driver and helper are dispatched with moving pads and straps that they use to carefully load, secure, and transport many hard-to-move products. The trucks have e-tracking in them to connect the straps to the sidewalls and secure the items.

The transport is air-ride, so it’s a smoother ride than many of the LTL Freight options. When you pay for blanket wrap shipping, you’re also reserving the space above your product; there’s absolutely no stacking of other freight/pallets like the LTL Freight companies do to conserve space.

Shipping & Packaging Challenges

Safely packaging items on wheels can be a challenge. Casters can break, items can slide through the pallet or, worse yet, objects can tip over. Our teams use blanket wrap shipping to safely roll items onto the truck “as is” by carefully padding them and strapping them down for transport.

It’s also unsafe to palletize anything that overhangs a pallet. LTL freight carriers can be very reckless with forklifts on loading docks, and anything overhanging on a pallet will be susceptible to abrasions and other abuse from the forklift, other freight, or even the walls of the truck.

Blanket wrap shipping prevents your shipment from being a casualty of carelessness.

Transit Times

There aren’t as many blanket wrap drivers on the road, so transit times can be a bit longer than other freight options.

Upon booking the order, our team can provide you with estimated pickup and delivery times, as well as 24-hour/1-hour pre-calls and online GPS tracking. This way, you’ll always be able see where your shipment and monitor the latest ETA.

There are also expedited blanket wrap options available. Trained drivers – both single and team – will safely move your high value or urgent shipment straight from origin to destination. Without any other stops for freight, you’ll substantially reduce any chance of damage.

High Density Items

High density items (or high NMFC class) are often cheaper to ship blanket wrap rather than LTL freight, and always include free liftgates and inside delivery with professional drivers. The trucks also have a pallet jack, carts/dollies and many other “moving” tools to help with difficult items.

Ready to start shipping? Visit our website to get a free blanket wrap quote. If you’re still asking yourself “what is blanket wrap shipping?”, reach out to us and ask how we can help you package your fragile or unique shipment.

Chad graduated from Iowa State University in 1996 with a bachelor of science in Statistics and has been involved in operations management and marketing for 24 years. His current work at MoveIt is focused on customer and vendor network development. He is happily married with 3 sons who are all heavily involved in sports and music like their father.

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