3PL Strategies with Cannonball Productions

At MoveIt, we love designing creative 3PL strategies for passionate people. And when it comes to Cannonball Productions, well… they take passion to a whole new level.

From beer, to bacon, to live music (and more!), the team at Cannonball hosts fun, unique festivals across the nation. Lucky for us, it’s our job to help them make sure they have everything they need to throw the perfect bash.

How Does It Work?

It all starts with warehousing. Tables, tents, signs, and apparel need to be inventoried and ready to fill stadiums across the nation. By using local warehouses for delivery, we eliminate the chance of a line haul truck breaking down and delivery being delayed.

Some shipments require specialized shipping, while others require two-man teams. We collaborate with people onsite as needed to make sure that everything is delivered on-time and is up to Cannonball standards.

Bacon and Beer Classic

Yes, you read it right – one of the most popular Cannonball events is the “Bacon and Beer Classic.” This nationally touring food and beverage festival is nothing short of iconic. Hosted in sports stadiums across the country, attendees enjoy inventive bacon eats and unlimited craft beer while listening to live music, playing games, and even participating in a Hormel Bacon eating contest.

So, what does the MoveIt team bring to the table? As they say in French, the accoutrements! From swag to staging, we make sure that Cannonball has all the essential building blocks for their bacon-laden bonanza.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve probably noticed the hard seltzer phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation. At Cannonball’s Seltzerland, guests will enjoy an afternoon tasting over 100 different hard seltzer varieties while indulging in mouthwatering local eats.

At MoveIt, it’s our job to use creative 3PL strategies to maintain precise delivery times and coordinate liftgate pickups. We know we’ve succeeded when Seltzerland guests have everything they need to have an absolutely effervescent day.

Just Ask Cannonball

“MoveIt has been our rock over the last few years. As a traveling event company, with a very tight schedule, we have to trust that our pallets will be delivered on time for every one of our events. MoveIt makes us feel like a priority. They are reliable, communicative and meet our needs no matter where we are or what we’re shipping.”

Are you ready to start working with a more reliable shipping provider? Get a free quote with MoveIt. Ready to party? Learn how to host or attend a Cannonball event.

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