Once Upon a Time, 40 Years Ago...

Does the name “Computer Transportation Services” sound familiar to you? If you’ve been with us for a while, then you know that the MoveIt Companies weren’t always the MoveIt Companies.

Our roots go back to 1979, when the de-regulation of the trucking industry provided new opportunities for Third Party Logistics companies. Pricing regulations set by the federal government had recently been eliminated, and transportation in the U.S. was rapidly changing.

It All Started with D.G.

D.G. Partridge, a moving industry veteran, recognized the benefit of representing the best of many trucking options. With just a telephone, an idea, and dreams of serving the burgeoning computer industry, he felt that it was the perfect time to open up his own business: Computer Transportation Services, Inc. (CTS).

Starting small, D.G. specialized in lining up carriers for customers and streamlining the transportation process. He was the very first 3PL to specialize in White Glove services.

As his business grew, so did his vision. CTS soon began moving large mainframe computers for IBM, Honeywell, and other manufacturers and leasing companies, then copiers, ATM’s and Medical Equipment – anything that required special handling.

Looking Towards the Future

We reserved the MoveIt.com domain in 1993, and in 2010 CTS became The MoveIt® Companies - because although we still move high-tech products… well, computers have gotten a little smaller. The new name encompassed the expanding variety of things we were shipping, as well as the two additional companies that were formed to arrange truckload shipping, and air freight.

D.G. Retired in 1996, and we are proud to continue to continue D.G’s tradition and dream to make specialized shipping easy, cost competitive and most importantly: to be the best, most customer-centric team in the industry.

Our journey has been long and winding, but our love of shipping and dedication to our vision remains the same. Give us a call or drop us an email and discover how we use over 40 years of experience to better serve our customers. We’re looking forward to sharing what we’ve learned.

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