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Leasing and Finance

The Financial Industry has unique transportation needs and MoveIt® Specialized Logistics has the experience and knowledge to administer effective, efficient programs for Lease returns, office moves, repossessions, reverse logistics, records shipping and many other special challenges. We package, ship, inventory and track thousands of copiers, computers and other equipment each year, for Banks, Leasing Companies and Copier Dealers around the US.

Our success is related to our knowledge and experience in the industry and we take special care to ensure the safety of the freight, and the budget of the customer. The result is on-time, damage-free shipments and the highest customer satisfaction in the business.

Our current work includes shipping programs for shippers of:

Special Services for Leasing/Finance Shippers:

Benefits of Managed Lease Return Logistics

When you partner with our lease return specialists, you benefit from real business savings. We’ll ensure that there is a minimum of business disruption for your customers, plus, data security, protection against damage and loss, and a substantial cost savings. We’ll perform asset tag inventory and accurate condition reports to protect your assets.

Past customers have included: